Technology Across The Curriculum

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Technology Across The Curriculum

At hi-impact, we’re dedicated to shaping the future of education by seamlessly integrating technology and computing skills across the entire curriculum. Our mission is to empower educators and inspire young minds by harnessing the incredible potential of digital educator tools. Developing digital skills as early as EYFS is crucial as it sets a strong foundation for using technology in secondary education, higher education and the workplace. 

We take the time to understand your school by meeting with staff, assessing facilities and gathering information about your equipment and applications. Our objective is to enable schools to use technology effectively in all subjects, not only Computing.  By incorporating computing skills and technology across all subjects, we can bring new life to the curriculum, enhancing lessons and engaging learners.

Benefits of Technology Integration

echnology across the curriculum
technology across the curriculum
Technology across the Curriculum - Hi-impact
Technology across the Curriculum - Hi-impact
Technology across the Curriculum - Hi-impact
Technology across the Curriculum - Hi-impact
Integrating Technology across the Curriculum may include:
1. Initial consultation to understand your school’s needs

hi-impact initiates the process by conducting an in-depth consultation with your school’s leadership and teachers. This step aims to gain a thorough understanding of your school’s needs and existing curriculum structure.

2. Gathering data on topics, lesson plans and resources

To create a meaningful Curriculum Technology Map, the hi-impact team gathers relevant data including your school’s current computing provision, topics, hardware and subscriptions

3. Integrating computing opportunities across all subjects

Using the information collected, hi-impact experts identify strategic points within each subject in which technology can be organically integrated. The focus is on aligning computing concepts with existing topics, promoting a cohesive and coherent learning experience for pupils. One size does not fit all in education, which is why hi-impact ensures that the Curriculum Technology Map is customised to fit your school’s specific requirements.

4. Staff engagement for feedback and refinement

The success of any curriculum implementation relies on the support and involvement of teachers. That’s why hi-impact actively engages with your staff, encouraging their valuable feedback and integrating their insights into the final map.

5. Plan for any additional support

Based on your staff feedback, we can recommend any additional support that may be required, working with the Computing Lead. hi-impact offers CPD, workshops and whole school projects which can provide further impact. We offer training, guidance and resources to help teachers effectively incorporate computing into their lessons and guarantee all staff will be confident in delivering the content.

Trusted by Our Customers

We take pride in being a dependable IT partner for educational institutions.

"They provide great curriculum support and have recently worked with my team of experienced staff in upskilling their IT knowledge. My teachers really benefited from their input on innovative and practical ways of using IT to enhance curriculum opportunities, from the most up to date apps to the use of green screen kit in the classroom."

Headteacher, Eastway Primary School

“hi-impact introduced some great ideas to enhance experiences for children across the primary age range. Thank you.”

Headteacher, Brookhurst Primary School

“The hi-impact team have turned IT in our school upside down. Our staff and pupils are excited about the use of technology right across the curriculum.”

Headteacher, Oxton St Saviour’s School

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Curriculum Strategy

hi-impact’s strategy centres around using transformative technology to enhance teaching and learning experiences.

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Teacher CPD

Effective CPD enriches teachers’ expertise which positively impacts students.

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Dynamic and curriculum-aligned workshops that inspire students in the fields of Science, Computing, Design Technology (DT), English and Music.

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