Top Ten Tips from Technicians

Nov 19, 2018

On completion of his Apprenticeship as a School Technician, our very own Owen Burrows has collaborated a list of simple tips for Teachers when using IT in schools to make their day more manageable.
1) When going into a IT room make sure every machine is turned on at the wall- it is surprising how easily a wire can be knocked out
2) Make sure all equipment is suitably charged before using it in a class
3) Make sure all keyboards and mice are plugged in, again little wires can come loose just through being knocked
4) Check the machine is connected to the network/Internet
5) Check sites you want to use in school are unblocked before the lesson
6) Check the apps are installed and working on the iPad’s/ Laptops before the lesson
7) Make sure you turn your computers off when you have finished using them
8) Make sure you have saved your work before turning off your computer
9) You can find you computer name by going to Control Panel\System and Security\System. This is needed when you ring support so we know what machine you are on.
10) Don’t leave your laptop charging when it is fully charged – It will eventually ruin the battery