Top Tips for using Apple Technology

Jan 8, 2019

  1. Always keep iOS and MacOS up to date – New updates include crucial security fixes and improvements to keep your device protected from security risks
  2. Always keep your devices protected with some form of authentication. (e.g. passcode, TouchID, FaceID) and ensure it is not predictable (e.g birthday, repeating/patterned numbers)- This prevents any unauthorised access to your device and protects your personal data.
  3. Ensure your personal device has iCloud signed in and Find My iPhone switched on. – This will allow you to locate your device and play a sound, lock it & erase it if it is lost or stolen. This will also enable activation lock which renders the device useless unless you sign in to your iCloud account when trying to set up the device. This prevents the device from being used once stolen.
  4. Ensure iCloud backup is turned on for the device and key apps – This means that your data (such as photos, contacts, calendar and settings) is saved in the cloud and can be retrieved if your phone breaks or is stolen.
  5. Only charge your device when below 20% and charge it to 100% – Keeping your battery on charge when not needed can affect battery health. The best practice is to charge your device to 100% and then let it run down to below 20% before charging it again. iOS has a battery health monitor which gives you an idea of how efficiently your battery is working.

Written by Jamie Gray, Technician, hi-impact