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Ensure your school website meets regulatory compliance as well as accessibility and privacy standards

Website Compliance Check for Schools - hi-impact

Since November 2020, there has been a requirement to provide much more information on your school website. The guidelines include information such as gender pay gap information, pupil premium and updated information on your curriculum.

hi-impact can provide your school with an extensive compliance check to ensure your school meets all government requirements. This comprehensive audit assesses the website which is extremely important to all stakeholders including Ofsted who use it as an initial understanding of what you offer.

Key Elements in our School Website Review

A school website compliance check typically includes a review of the following elements:

  • Privacy Policy: Verifying the presence of a clear and up-to-date privacy policy that explains how the school collects, uses and protects user data.
  • Gender Pay Gap Information: Confirming mean and median gender pay as well as proportion of staff in each pay quartile by gender.
  • Equality Objectives: Checking the school’s equality objectives are clearly stated and accessible on the website.
  • Statutory Information: Checking the website includes legally required information such as the school’s name, address, admissions policies and details about the governing body.
  • Curriculum Information: Ensuring the curriculum information is up-to-date and comprehensive, covering the subjects, courses and activities offered by the school.
  • Policies and Procedures: Verifying the presence and accessibility of important school policies and procedures such as behaviour policies, safeguarding policies, and complaints procedures.
  • Governance Information: Confirming information about the school’s governing body including members and their roles is available on the website.
  • Financial Information: If applicable, ensuring financial information such as the school’s budget and financial statements is accessible.
  • Performance Tables: Verifying that the school’s performance tables, including academic results and other relevant data, are accessible and up-to-date.

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