If you mention ‘Work Experience’ to any other fifteen year old, you can’t expect much other than a groan in response; yet this isn’t the case when I’m asked about my own time over the past week and a half. The team at hi-impact Consultancy has offered me so many opportunities, from helping the tech support team in primary schools to delivering workshops to children to filming with the media team – to say that I did the same task twice would be a complete lie.

I found that while with hi-impact, I wasn’t given useless jobs or the jobs the employees didn’t want to do, I was given jobs with purpose – and that is all someone can ask for on their work experience week, this gave me a feel of what a job is actually like. I have been involved in everything from assisting in workshops and filming promotion films to supporting technicians, building websites and creating 3D Virtual Tours for a local football club.

The team included me in tasks that enhanced my view on the working world, I’ve been shown that wanting a career is to have initiative, to rely on yourself and use the people around you as a guide to help you complete your next task to your fullest potential. I was shown the ins and outs of workplaces, how businesses http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/diabetes/ work – and the true meaning behind a nine till five job in a healthy, innovative company.

hi-impact has shown me the meaning of a happy working life and has inspired me to strive for the motivation and opportunities I’ve seen within this company, the employees enjoy their jobs, and are all given equal opportunities to enhance their own career – this has given me a view for my future I wouldn’t otherwise have.

Spending a week with the hi-impact has helped me have a clearer view of my future, as I was often confused at what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, yet now, I feel collected and motivated about wanting a career I can wake up and feel happy about going to. Work experience is an important part of a teenagers education because it gives them a new perspective that a classroom would never even be able to offer, and hi-impact have given me an experience that has prepared me to go at the rest of my life and education in mind with passion. This company is a family, and has given me knowledge and motivation I’ve never had before; and for that, a thank you is an understatement.

– Lauren