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Hi-impact is a pioneering educational organisation dedicated to offering dynamic and curriculum-aligned workshops that inspire students in the fields of Science, Computing, Design Technology (DT), English and Music.

With a passion for fostering learning through creativity and innovation, hi-impact empowers the next generation by providing engaging and educational experiences in these critical subject areas.

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Design Technology

Experience hi-impact’s thrilling Design Technology Workshops. Explore creative problem-solving with hands-on activities.

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Explore hi-impact‘s full menu of English workshops. Ignite passion and curiosity for the English curriculum through use of digital technology.

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Experience hi-impact‘s harmonious Music workshops! Embark on a musical journey exploring creativity and innovation.

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Enrichment Days

Experience the extraordinary with hi-impact WOW days, delivering enriching programs that bring awe-inspiring moments.

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Experience hi-impact‘s thrilling Science Workshops! Immerse yourself in the captivating world of science as you participate in a wide array of hands-on experiments.

Trusted by Our Customers

We take pride in being a dependable education partner for schools and academies.

'Great engagement, very inclusive and all pupils were able to create code. Pupils were all on task and confident with the devices.'

Year 3 Teacher, Bedford Drive Primary School

'The children were extremely engaged and were able to use their imagination about ancient Greece. Amazing topic link and vocab used that are focused on in lessons.'

Year 4 Teacher, Rose Hill Primary School

'The children always look forward to these sessions and are engaged and focussed. They often ask to continue the session in our follow up computing sessions so they can finish the project.'

Year 6 Teacher, Bidston Villlage Primary School

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Curriculum Strategy

hi-impact’s strategy centres around using transformative technology to enhance teaching and learning experiences.

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Subject Leader Toolkits

Elevate subject leadership in schools with our all-inclusive Subject Leader Toolkits, empowering educators to excel.

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Connected Curriculum

Use hi-impact‘s connected curriculum to support your primary computing.

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