Pond Dipping


Immerse young adventurers in the wonders of nature as they embark on an exciting pond dipping journey, where primary school pupils will uncover the hidden treasures of aquatic ecosystems, encounter fascinating creatures, and ignite a passion for environmental exploration.

‘Excellent from start to finish. Clear, well-paced and geared for all abilities!”


Pupils explore the range of animals within their trays of pond water. These include damselfly nymphs, pond snails, minnows, water boatmen, midge larvae, diving beetles and many more.


Focus on the habitat and food chains within it.  Discuss life cycles and classification of the animals.  Pupils hunt through their trays and use tally charts and identification keys to scientifically record what is in the pond. The class will safely catch and photograph the creatures found and use these to create labelled digital collages.



KS1 and KS2 Science:

  • Living things and their habitats
  • Animals (including humans)

‘The children were really engaged and enjoyed the workshop. The hands on element really helped embed the information.’ 

Year 4 Teacher, Manor Primary School


‘Thank you, the children loved it and hi-impact led it perfectly!.’

Year 2 Teacher, Bidston Village Primary School


Incredibly engaging and a WOW lesson for the children!’

Year 2 Teacher, MAB Lane Primary School